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Sure, there are lots of survey sites out there, but quite frankly a couple of top-tier sites will earn you more than a dozen smaller ones. Check the user ratings to see which sites perform best for other people, then join those first. Head over to the Top 10 to see my personal picks, as well as the ten highest rated and ten most visited sites.

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When looking at the major survey sites out there, it's easy to find many similarities. For example, they all compensate you for your time, most of the time even if you don't qualify for a particular survey. Many of them reward you for getting your friends to sign up, and some of them even give you a little something just for becoming a member yourself. However, just because they have similar features doesn't mean they handle them all the same way. As a result, I've put together some pages detailing the sites that do the best job in a certain area.

Given the choice between a single 10-minute survey that pays $4 and two 10-minute surveys that pay $2 each, which would you prefer? Exactly. There are sites that don't necessarily give you the largest amount of surveys, but the surveys they do send you pay better than the rest. You may not make as much in the long run, but in terms of time spent you're much better off. Take ACOP, for example. Every time you complete a survey you are guaranteed at least $4 and up to $50 for your trouble. The minimum is more than most sites average and is competitive with most of their maximum payouts, without requiring any more of your time.

Subcategory - Best Non-Cash Payout: Cash is nice, but not all sites use it as an incentive. I almost prefer gift certificates, because then I don't have to worry about spending my earnings on bills and all that other stuff. Out of all of all of the sites that offer gift certificate incentives, Keynote pays the best. In fact, the average payout given for each evaluation is higher than what you will find at any of the cash or point sites. The tradeoff is the download, but it's a small price to pay.

Paid Surveys
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