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It's easy to get in over your head when you are just starting out. To keep yourself from burning out before you even have anything to show for your effort, join about 10-15 sites at first (check out the Top 10 for a good starting point), give those a week, and then join 5 more if you can still fit them in your schedule. Continue until you reach a comfortable balance between time spent doing surveys and everything else.

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When looking at the major survey sites out there, it's easy to find many similarities. For example, they all compensate you for your time, most of the time even if you don't qualify for a particular survey. Many of them reward you for getting your friends to sign up, and some of them even give you a little something just for becoming a member yourself. However, just because they have similar features doesn't mean they handle them all the same way. As a result, I've put together some pages detailing the sites that do the best job in a certain area.

Sometimes a site is so good that you want to tell your friends and family about it so they can get in on the action. But if you're going to be sending more people their way, shouldn't you get something in return? Well, sometimes you do, and depending on the site it can be a truly significant amount or it might just be a pat on the back. If you're looking to benefit from spreading the word, look no farther than Brand Institute. Their referral system gives you $5 for each survey that each of your consumer referrals fills out and $10 for each survey that each of your medical professional referrals fills out. I don't have to tell you that it can really add up over time.

Brand Institute

Subcategory - Best Tiered Referral: Survey Savvy operates on a similar principle, only they pay you an average of $2 for each survey your referrals take and an average of $1 for each survey their referrals take. It doesn't pay as much as Brand Institute's, but since it's tiered you benefit when your converts get other people interested.

Survey Savvy

Subcategory - Best Flat Referral: Sites that pay you referral bonuses for every survey your referrals take are rather rare. In most cases you simply get a flat amount added to your account when one of your referrals signs up and either clicks the link in the confirmation email or takes a quick survey about themselves. When it comes to flat referral bonuses, MySurvey comes out on top. For each referral that signs up and completes an introductory survey you get 150 points ($1.50) deposited into your account.

NFO MySurvey
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